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Donel C. Kinnard Honor Guard Association

We provide Military Funeral Honors at the Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery.

Sequence of Events for Military Funeral Honors

  • The funeral hearse or van for the urn arrives at grave site, military members present arms (renders a salute).
  • Casket team secures the casket or urn, non-commissioned officer-in-charge (NCOIC), officer-in-charge (OIC), and chaplain salute.
  • Chaplain leads the way to committal area, followed by casket team.
  • Casket team positions the casket and secures the flag.
  • The family is seated.
  • NCOIC/OIC backs away and the chaplain, military or civilian, will perform the service.
  • The cemetery representative will ask all family members to prepare for military honors.
  • The NCOIC/OIC calls detail to attention and presents arms to initiate the rifle volley.
  • Rifle volley complete; bugler plays “Taps.”
  • Casket team leader starts to fold the flag.
  • Flag fold complete, and the flag is passed to the NCOIC, OIC.
  • The flag is presented to the next of kin.
  • NCOIC/OIC presents three spent cartridges to the family representing the three rifle volleys honoring the veterans dedication and service to our country.
  • Cemetery representative announces that the service is concluded.