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Scheduled Services

Robert H. Bunch sec 4 row 1 site 7 Full honors. US Army 1949-2019 1st interment We have a casket service Thursday, 03/21/2019 @ 11:00AM.

Thornton E. Price, Jr. Col-A row B site 61 Full honors. US Army 1930-2019 1st interment We have a cremation service Friday, 03/22/2019 @ 1:00PM.

Kenneth H. Hudson sec 4 row 1 site 8 Full honors. USAF 1944-2019 1st interment We have a casket service Friday, 03/22/2019 @ 2:00PM.

Next Association Meeting

Our next Association meeting will be on Friday, April 5th., at the Institute Volunteer Fire Station at TBA. We were able to clean weapons at our March 1st. meeting…Thanks!!!


The Donel C. Kinnard Honor Guard Association conducts fundraisers to collect money that is used solely for veterans aid in surrounding communities!




The results of our fundraisers;

  • September 16th.2017, at the Walmart on Southridge raised………………. $961.00!!!

Thanks go out to Walmart for their hospitality!!!